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St. Racc's card drawn by Malice

St. Racc's Day is a Decmber Holyday created by Malice Hijinks and other gender cabal members around 15/12/15. It occurs on 29/12 (AM 71), and is followed by Packaging Day.

St. Racc is a fictional raccoon who has achieved sainthood, and is embodied by all discordians on this day, to emulate his ideals and activities. Mostly, St. Racc's ideals are the same as any raccoon -- he wants raccoons (and other trash-dwelling mammals) to be fed, things to be thrown away, and for trash in general to be celebrated. Most discordians are encouraged on this day to cull their belongings and in general removed unwanted shit from their lives.

On this day, discordians greet each other by saying "Racc's off to ya!" or "Season's Greason's".

Activities Edit

Activities of St. Racc's Day include (but are not limited to):

  • Throwing out/tidying physical clutter in environment.
  • Clearing mental, emotional, or spiritual clutter/baggage.
  • Putting out offerings/snacks for local native trash scavengers. (Can be raccoons, possums, australian possums, ibises, etc.) However it's encouraged that the offerings be food that they can actually eat, ie. no candy or junk food.
  • Share/make youtube poops.