Packaging Day, also known as "St. Racc's 2: The Raccening" is the sequel to St. Racc's Day, held on 30/12 (AM 72). Its name comes from "Boxing Day", the day after Christmas.

Packaging Day is a day that's essentially the opposite of St. Racc's, in that the goal is to spend recklessly on things, or make impulse purchases. These aren't necessarily be things that are useless, but in general the idea is to throw out unwanted things on St. Racc's, and then replace it with more stuff on Packaging.

Activities Edit

Activities on Packaging Day include (but are not limited to):

  • Spending irresponsibly on things that you want, whether or not you need them.
  • Treating yourself to nice things.
  • Generally focussing on positive or fulfilling things.
  • Treating the people you love to nice things.
  • Trying out new things you've been thinking about trying.