Fnord is a post with no notes.
Fnord is [[REDACTED]].
Fnord is when dogs don't know how to use stairs.
Fnord is a si dronf.
Fnord is a simulation.
Fnord is the difference between A-sharp and B-flat.
Fnord is good and gay.
Fnord is ethically sourced memes.
Fñord (is)
fnord is where the light goes when you close the fridge door
fNord is what it isn't.
fnord is the 1998 subaru outback that left its lights on and would the owner please report to the front desk?
Fnord is itadakimasu, baby! B)
Fnord is nothing until you find it
Fnord is the o in filet o' fish
Fnord is how you get experience for jobs without having a job
Fnord is fifty thousand bees in a trenchcoat
Fnord is the number of cards in the hearts suit
Fnord is the symbol The Artist Formerly Known as Prince used in 1993.
Fnord is spicy food with no flavor.
Fnord is exactly how high i am right now
Fnord is just a word that approximates the hideous repeating patterns in my ceiling